So I was bent over to get something out of the dryer one day….


when along came this guy….

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It’s a Jungle


I always giggle when my clients warn me before their wax, “It’s a jungle down there.”   Makes me wonder, if you are warning me, your waxer, what are you doing at home?  I can tell you that turning the lights off is not gonna hide this one.

Thinking of you…..

It’s nice to be thought of.  Below are a few of the comments I’m told remind people of me and it’s time to schedule that appointment…
  • “I saw this girl in the locker room at the gym blowing her hair dry….it wasn’t the hair on her head.”
  • “My boyfriend told me it growled at him.”
  • “OMG! I just saw a grey hair”
  • “Things are fierce down there”
  • “My husband told me he felt like the bull in the china cabinet trying to find his way around (down there).”
  • “I thought of you while I was in the shower today.”

My Clients Text Me….


Note to self: when wearing ur mini skirt to the airport one should always have on a pair of panties and be sure not to sit on a bench in the main isle.




Not so much. U could have done some work on that!


Did u give her my card?


Uh I am in Chicago……Guess that’s why they call the airport O”Hare.

Time to Weed

I’m often asked the difference between waxing and shaving…here is my best analogy:

Shaving is like trimming a bush, the one that grows outside.  The more you shave, the fuller and thicker the bush becomes.  The roots set in deeper and stronger.  That is why the hair itches when it grows back and often causes ingrown hairs.

Now waxing is like pulling weeds in the garden.  The more you pull the weeds, the finer and thinner the weeds become.  The roots are weak and easier to remove.

Therefore, once you begin to wax, your hair grows back finer and is easier to remove (less painful) unless, of course, you start to shave again….

Nice (Bunny) Tail

One of the most awkward parts of the Brazilian wax is the back crack or tush waxing. There are many positions I have personally been put it during this part of waxing…the worst is hands down..no really hands down, ass up and face buried in a pillow. And just to be clear, this is not a position I would ever put you in.

The thoughts that run through our minds during this part….”OMG, I have hair there too?” “ How long have I had hair there?” “Who has seen my hair there?” “ Does everybody have hair there?” and the list goes on…more graphic I’m sure you can imagine.

My theory, most people have hair there, so relax…where do you think Hugh Hefner came up with the bunny tail idea?